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Write As Many Sonnets As You Can

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Below is an example of a sonnet under construction. Produced with a time limit of sixty minutes. It's a tongue in cheek and just a bit of fun.

Shakespearian Rhythm Scheme (Time: 60 minutes)

a b a b

c d c d

e f e f

g g

14 lines of Iambic.

5 Stresses, 10ish syllables.

When the Wind Comes

Outside the wind makes moaning and whispers, A10 (4 Stress) (Line needs work, the music is flat)

Such a thing it is - the pleasure-giving wind B10 (5 Stress) (Better musically, but somewhere the stress was reversed)

Who knows it now, the touch of the drifter, (A10)

Which moves through, through the whole world mad and blind. (B10)

See, now he smoothes her out, now he makes her blow (C11)

Fingered licks that craze and whip and chase her boughs (D10)

Like an old troubadour on the road toes, (C10)

The meat of Earth pours all he’s worth into the plough, (D12)

Yet none but the birds and the trees seem to care (E10)

Most scurry from the touch, find it cold’n’rough, F10

Cover themselves from its unceasing prayer (E10)

And shun the one who makes the moaning scarce. (F10)

Yet to find, have I, a reason under the sun (G12)

Not t’know the wind and I, my love, as one. (G10)

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